PermaLinks broken in WordPress 1.5

Okay, [this bug]( is a *little* bit maddening. PermaLinks broken in all Apache 1.3 servers? (see [discussion](

Okay, so mod_rewrite is “broken” in Apache 1.3. I can understand that. Thus PermaLinks “just work much easier” if only used in Apache 2.0. **But you should tell your users that**, very clearly, in the PermaLinks admin page.

I’m not totally sure how this one slipped past QA. Don’t most servers still use Apache 1.3?

Yes, the issue is only if you use the %category% tag in your site structure – but it is [documented]( that I can. This qualfies as a showstopper bug in my book.

Don’t get me wrong – I love WordPress as a product, and have a lot of respect for the developers who put a lot of time into making my life a lot easier. I’m just a bit disappointed that this one “slipped by” somehow.

**Note** – This site has changed it’s permalink structure so that posts in sub-categories now be viewed. Sorry for those that have linked here previously and can’t follow those links anymore.